Hey. If you REALLY want to try something different - try this - buy electronic gadget online - or a Porsche - or a TV - or any number of things.

This is a new site - with a new twist - at least to me. It is a “reverse auction” at - meaning the LOWEST “unique” bid wins. You can bid pennies on a product - gadget or gizmo - buy electronic gadget online - or even an invention - and MAYBE walk away with it - like WAY BELOW the retail price.

How does it work - this buy electronic gadget online? Well ...

A “reverse auction” is an auction with a difference, where people can buy goods such as cars, consumer electronics and even holidays for pennies!

Registered users DO pay an entry fee to enter an auction - Their aim? To outwit fellow bidders by placing what they think will be the lowest unique bid. You could be driving away in a brand new car… a Porsche ... all for pennies!

Q. Exactly how do reverse auctions work?

A. Registered users place bids on selected items offered through a “sealed bid” process. Bidders pay an administration fee to enter the auction. Their aim is to place the lowest unique bid.

Every auction is limited to a specified number of bids (e.g. maximum 150) or a time limit. As soon as that limit is reached, the auction automatically closes.

After the auction has closed, the winning bidder then purchases the item from for the lowest unique amount they have bid.

A. For Example A Reverse Auction Might Have The Following Characteristics… (note that it is a UK (British) site right now - but read further)

Buy electronic gadget online:
Auction Product: Plasma TV
Maximum Number Of Bids That Will Be Accepted: 150
Entry Fee: £4.99
Regular Retail Price Of TV: £699.00

Assuming that the following bids (in pence) are received:

Bid 1: 1p
Bid 2: 1p
Bid 3: 2p
Bid 4: 2p
Bid 5: 2p
Bid 6: 3p
Bid 7: 4p
Bid 8: 5p
Bid 9: 5p
Bid 10: 5p

…Then the bidder that placed Bid 6 would win the auction and buy this electronic gadget online widescreen TV for 3p (that’s less than $.06 American), because it is the lowest unique bid that has been placed.

It costs nothing to sign up and become a registered user. However, you will be required to pay an entry fee to place bids in the site auctions. AND - Users have to be 18 years or older to participate in auctions. Winners may have to produce proof of their age as part of the verification process.

But hold on - there are auctions that are free. Like a recent iPod Nano auction that has no entry fee. A lot of free bids promotions are planned - and there is a "loyalty points" scheme, so the more bids users place, the more points they receive towards free bids.

It is easy to register right on site - and all transactions can be handled online.

One thing to think of - if you win the bid, and say, win a Porsche automobile like I’ve been talking about - you will be responsible for the shipping or transportation charges to get it to you in the good ol’ US of A. HOWEVER, will be launching a US/Canadian version in 3 to 4 weeks, so delivery and currency issues will no longer be a problem.

But hey, if you get such a car for - say - six cents - you should be able to make arrangements to get it over here - even if you use the British site. If that doesn't work for you, wait 3 to 4 weeks.

It is an exciting concept and could be addicting - so here’s another WATCH IT. You have been warned.

How do I find this site, you say? Well, here it is ... THE Revolutionary online auction site where the Lowest Unique Bid Wins, NOT the Highest. -

buy electronic gadget online: Bid Low. Bid Unique.!

Check it out - and let me know if you catch a big one -

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