No more telling the weather the old way - now we have the wireless weather station. It used to be - baaack in the oold days - if you wanted to know what the weather was - you stuck your finger out the window. If it came back in wet - it was raining.

If you stuck your finger in your mouth - and then stuck it out the window - you could tell the wind was blowing - AND you could tell the direction by what side of your finger was the coldest.

Those days are gone. With the new wireless weather station you don’t even have to go near the window. The weather is all on the face of the gadget. Even the smaller ones give you time, temperature, humidity, and answer your phone (kidding).

The bigger units give you a full wireless weather station with bells and whistles - or at least alarms. You can measure temp and humidity at up to three remote stations at once. A multi-channel barometer predicts the weather for 12 to 24 hours in advance - and is probably as right as the guys and gals on TV.

The big station will be synced with the US Atomic Clock for keeping time that never needs adjustment. Other features can be a month/date display, calendar, crescendo alarm with snooze function, and moon phase indicator. Some have an anemometer that attaches to a building, fence, or roof to measure wind speed and direction; a thermo-hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity; and a self-emptying rain gauge. All run on solar cells and/or batteries.

With all this information from your own wireless weather station - you can be like a real weatherman and predict the weather without even looking at the sky - which, if you have ever been a pilot, you need to do anyway- even with all the weather tools at hand now.

Weather can be fascinating (there’s that word again) - and even with all the big guns we have - meteorologists, satellites, doppler radar, triple doppler radar, and men in space - Mother Nature can surprise us. Not as much as she used to - but she still has tricks up her sleeve.

If you are interested in weather and the wireless weather station - you can find one here at the