Sorry gals - you will never understand - gadget gizmo fascination (for the most part) is a guy thing. It is somehow deeply built into the cellular structure of the male homo sapiens, and is bolstered by the constant flow of excessive testosterone.

Sure - you gals have your kitchen gadgets (which are also “nice” - and probably not used by you because they were designed (“improperly”) by a guy, thinking you would appreciate it because it is the latest gadget. But the inventory of the kitchen gadget gizmo pales in comparison with the ever growing list of the guy gadget gizmo.

New things are being added daily to the guy gadget gizmo list - things, wild things, weird things, funny things, stupid things, things to do when you’re bored - gadgets and gizmos for your car, your home, your shop, your boat - and all those gadget gizmos to make your TV and DVD work better - or easier - or ... just BE ... the ultimate gadget gizmo.

And I have just found the site of all sites for “guy things.” The name speaks for itself:

How is that to excite the gadget gizmo freak? A site of things you never knew existed. And there are things. Over 1000 things are available online to attract and satisfy even the most dedicated gadget freak guy.

The above is just a splash sampling of what is available and should show that there is something that will grab any guy’s gadget gizmo interest. For example - TYNKE has over 20 versions of the ... how to keep it from being too offensive ... “Whoopee Cushion.” For those who have lived in a cave and don’t know what a Whoopee Cushion is - “the Answer is blowing -- the wind.”

20 versions - electronic - amplified - remote controlled - gross - funny - what more could a real guy ask for?

There ARE more serious and helpful products also available at TYNKE. For example:

This Bark Control Collar stops the unwanted barking of your dog (and saves your relationship with your neighbors). The Collar emits a painless tone that teaches your dog to break the barking habit - without pain, shock, or needless trauma. In a few short weeks, your dog will stop unwanted barking completely. You have the ability to control both the sensitivity level (how loud a bark activates the tone) and the duration of the tone. You can adjust the tone as your dog learns to control its barking. A fully adjustable collar fits all dogs.

Okay - this is not necessarily serious and helpful gadget gizmo - UNLESS - you are a serious practical joker kind of guy. This hand has a real creepy crawler spider like movement that can scare the yell out of all your victims. Any nearby sound starts the “creepy hand” to crawling across the floor, from under furniture, or ...?

Be Joe Cool with sunglasses - but wait - THESE are gadget gizmo sunglasses that also have full MP3 power! 128MB flash memory lets you listen to up to 2 hours of your favorite tunes just by slipping on your sunglasses

Everything you need is built into this one-piece unit. Earphones give you full 3D stereo sound in MP3, WMA, and ADPCM formats. A microphone lets you record up to 9 hours of voice recording. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the player for over 8 hours. You get a USB drive, cable, and software that lets you download recordings and recharge the battery from your computer.

Features include power, volume, recording, play/pause, forward/backward, random play, and delete. The sunglasses part features polarized, UV400, coated polycarbonate lenses and shock-proof, anti-static, nylon fiber frames. Purchase includes a hard-shell case with belt loop.

Are you hooked on Sudoku? No, it is different from Chindoku, which is discussed on another page on this site. For those who live in closets, Sudoku is a puzzle where you have to line up numbers from say , one to nine. But - you have to line them up in three or four different lines up and down and across and not have the same numbers in the same line - up - down - or across. I personally have better things to do with my time - BUT -- there are many people who are hooked.

Comes along TYNKE - and you have a plug and play version of Sudoku to play on your TV. A handheld controller contains everything you need. Just plug it into your TV and it automatically generates millions of puzzles with three levels of difficulty. You can enter puzzles from newspapers and books and it computes the solution for you. You can even note possible numbers in each square. A hint button provides clues if you get stuck. You can track your time on each puzzle, and challenge your family and friends with a replay mode.

Would you like the convenience of a hands-free cell phone kit? Would you like some security when using your cell phone? Would you like to freak out your friends and loved ones? How about a one-piece unit that plugs into your cell phone's earphone jack and contains:

  • a built-in earphone,
  • a microphone and
  • AND a voice changer

Work hands-free and drive safely with this earphone and mike. Then - you can protect your identity by switching between your normal voice and four altered voices:

  • Robot voice;
  • young man into old man, or woman into man voice;
  • kid voice;
  • and duck voice.This unit works with any cell phone.

    Here is something that will bring back old memories - if you have them on disc. Now you can mend and polish all types of CDs, CD-ROMs, Video CDs and DVDs, that instantly restores their high level of performance. It is a CD Restorer Kit. You simply spray your disc with the provided cleaning solution, place the disc in the specially designed restorer, and close the lid. Spin the disc for 30 seconds and you remove dust and fingerprints and eliminate scratches and abrasions. Your discs are saved from skipping tracks, loss of data, and poor sound and images.

    On to the world of James Bond (or Tom Cruise/Mission Impossible). It appears it is necessary to think and react like a spy in today’s America. You never know if or who might be listening in to you in your daily life. Peace of mind comes in a small, ordinary-looking object.....a pen! You can protect yourself from hidden cameras with high-tech counter-surveillance.

    You can detect and expose phone taps and peeping cameras in dressing rooms, public bathrooms, dormitories, or offices with this discreet and effective Pen RF Detector. While designed to look like a stylish pen ... it is. It really writes! Then, you simply press a button and quickly sweep an area. If RF signals from hidden cameras or wire taps are present, the pen tip's red light flashes. The closer to the source, the faster the flash. It detects frequencies from 500MHz to 3GHz from up to 10 feet. The tip doubles as a PDA stylus.

    These are but a few of the thousand+ gadget gizmos available to satisfy that guy thing urge. Hey gals, the site is not restricted. If you like guy things, you are invited. Never say that there is not an equal opportunity to be crude .. er .. act like a guy.

    Check them out here: