Here’s the thing. If you have a new invention brewing in your mind, work on it and get it going. If you don’t, your idea could go floating into the ethers and someone else will pick up the vibes. Off they will go and you and your idea will be left in the dust.

Here is a real example of which I speak. I HAD an idea I had been planning in the back of my mind for about - oh - ten years or so - for an ergonomic computer workstation that would adjust ten ways from sunday.

My new invention would keep all the stiffness and cramps out of your body. Your hands and fingers would be in a correct position so you wouldn’t feel the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any of the other maladies of repetitive work.

My new invention would have a screen that would adjust up and down and tilt forward and back. The seat would adjust from sitting up to lying back in space module takeoff position. The seat would also adjust from closer to the screen to farther back for comfort of viewing.

Hey - my new invention would even have a control for massage built into the seat and back.

There is only one problem. While I THOUGHT - someone else DID.

There is now coming on market pretty much exactly what I was seeing in my mind. Of course, when I started thinking of my new invention, the screens were still big boxes that weighed twenty pounds - not the flat screens we have today (okay, I’m rationalizing).

Like I said on other pages here - I think that ideas become electro-magnetic waves or something and leave your brain and leak into the ethers so that other people can pick them up. The go-getters act - while us dreamers keep dreaming and sending great ideas to them.

Introducing -- the Nethrone -- the new invention that does everything that I discussed above.

It has been on the market - and ready for consumers since March. The price is said to be around $2500 - That does not include the computer, keyboard, mouse and screen, just the workstation. It is rigged for an LCD screen and has a place to attach a Mini-Mac computer behind the screen. It’s still a great idea even if my mind got ripped off.

The point here is - if you are inventing something, you have to live the Nike creed - just do it! Start your journal. Get the idea on paper. Get witnesses. And see an attorney to get the patent process going.

Remember, it is still the first to invent in this country - BUT - you also have to show diligence in the development of the new invention.

I didn’t -- and I lost a great idea. It happens - a lot more than you may think.

But I'm not vindictive. Check out the Nethrone - for sublime comfort while you surf and game.