The simple approach to invention need - take an area that you are familiar with - find something that is missing - find a need and fill it.

That is what one of our readers has done. She is a Speech Pathologist that works primarily with infants and children. And she has a specialty - teaching the correct way to swallow. This may seem like something you would take for granted - but apparently - there are many children who need this help. Would you believe 98%?

Her work has led to a product that fills a specific invention need. Infants - and especially newborns and preemies - have trouble sitting correctly in a car seat - or any other seat for that matter - because of their size. Most car seats are made for infants and children over five pounds in weight. Thus - the newborn or preemie is led to slump - putting pressure on their lungs and tummies - making it hard for them to breath properly and causing abdominal pressure - causing baby to look like this ...

Which leads to our reader’s idea - the Hug Me joey. It looks simple - the kind that makes people say “I could have thought of that.” The thing is - our reader DID. She has gone through the process and is to the marketing phase. Here is the result ...

Along with the Hug Me joey - she has developed three other products that are in line with the original invention need - which is the proper way to keep your marketing program working.

Now - this is an idea that is for a very specific market - the buzzword is “niche” - but has the quality of being a product that is needed for the health and development of infants.

I love to see creative ideas that are good for common humanity. Kudos to our reader for having such great thoughts - and the gumption for carrying through as far as she has.

If you have an interest in Hug Me joey - or in seeing the other products developed by this reader - you can go here.


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