A perpetual motion device dream - that of a machine or system running by itself and creating its own power - has been a twinkle in the eyes of the inventor for ages, but has not yet happened.

But what if you could find something like perpetual motion, by finding one specific distinction or quality that shows you how to get more output from a system than you input?

What has been till now “taboo physics” is now available to explain this phenomenon - and in plain English that anyone can understand. Please understand this -- it is not perpetual motion - (which is still a dream) - but rather, is an actual phenomenon based on scientific principles.

There are a lot of 'gurus' on the internet telling you how you can do anything you want in life - through mind power, law of attraction, manifestation, and abundance theories, to name a few. New Age jargon is plentiful. Mighty ‘gurus’ explaining that the Universe will supply your needs because of this or that theory, if you just listen to them -(and incidentally buy their book or CD). But jargon and listening just is not good enough.

If these 'gurus' really understood the true operating principles of nature, shouldn't they be able to give you straight answers? - Answers based on real science about specific principles -- instead of vague answers, hyperbole and ‘woo-woo-ness?’ They promise, in essence, a perpetual motion device of the mind.

Wouldn't 'gurus' who could -- actually use this knowledge to build - or at least show how to build - a machine, according to scientific principles, that will give you more output than what you actually input? If 'gurus' understood the real natural principles involved, they should be able to do this -- but till now they either don’t know how or just aren't showing us.

Now - if there was a simple, straight-forward way of finding out about these principles that work akin to perpetual motion - would that be worth a few minutes of your time?

Aaron Murakami has been educating thousands of people over the years in various advanced scientific concepts in physics and consciousness - yet he has the ability to speak to all of us (even the physics impaired like me). I have found his information the best and clearest presentation yet on the subject at PERPETUAL MOTION DEVICE ALTERNATIVE.

Thousands of people already have found out. Now you can too.