Home solar power or home wind power user? This latest invention named Cool-N-Save can help you out - even if you are still on the grid.

Imagine saving as much as 20% - 30% on your air conditioning costs. It’s possible with the use of the Cool-N-Save flash evaporation system. As you pay close attention to this page you will find out how.

This latest invention is a patented pre-cooling system that literally sucks heat out of the air before it enters your existing air conditioner. It creates a “chill zone” around your A/C - meaning less work to cool - and less power used to cool - which also means putting the chill on your summer utility bills.

Picture this -- with 5 easy steps and no tools you can create a “Chill zone” of your own.

Picture your next monthly utility bill reading 20-30% less!

How does this latest invention - the Cool-N-Save work? Well, the problem with just about any A/C system is:

  • When the outside air temperature increases, it becomes harder and harder for the A/C unit to transfer its stored heat into the hot air surrounding it --
  • Thus, forcing your A/C into laboring harder and longer to cool your home --
  • Thus, forcing you to pay higher electric bills to cover this extra heatload.
And - the harder and longer your A/C has to work in this torrid environment the more the life of your air conditioning system is shortened.


This latest invention takes a lesson from the old swamp cooler action - having the air pass through water which lowers the ambient air temperature flowing into the house. Or, more specifically, like a mister spraying water around a patio to cool the air.

The Cool-N-Save is a mister for your A/C unit, pre-cooling the air before it enters into the unit - thus making the cooling process more efficient by lowering the amount of energy - [electricity] - needed to cool your home.

With less than ten minutes and no tools you can start cooling. The Cool-N-Save attaches to the top of most home air conditioners.

Now - the other savings. You may have imagined the misting driving up your water bill. Not so.

This latest invention is activated only when the A/C unit turns on. As the A/C fan blows the hot air up out of the unit, it raises a flap valve that releases water into the Cool-N-Save system and into the misters. This ultra-fine mist absorbs the heat in the air through evaporation creating a “chill zone” around your A/C unit - causing a substantial drop up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in the zone.

Can you see how this small thing that you can do for your home can put back dollars in your pocket from yearly energy savings - 20% - 30%?

If you are thinking about or using green (solar or wind power), this simple device can save energy on top of the energy reduction from solar or wind of 20% to 50%. You could be in a position of selling power back to the utility company.

So -- if you consume electricity, this product is can lead to great savings for you.


In a word -- yes.

  • 1. Cool-N-Save system has been tested by Tulane University Department of Mechanical Engineering has completed a study proving this latest invention does increase the overall efficiency of an air conditioning system and does lower electricity costs.

  • 2. The noted actor and super-green environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. has endorsed the Cool-N-Save system.

I can almost hear your mind saying “how about cost?” You’ll see the product gives superb value for the money. Can you spend less than a hundred for hundreds more in savings?

If utility bills are eating you up - and you care about a healthier environment - you need to look into the Cool-N-Save system. This is one of the best, simple, and most economical tools I have seen in researching alternative energy sources -- easy enough and inexpensive enough to be used by anyone wanting to lower their power bills.

You’ve got to wonder what it would be like to save money on your electricity bill -- be energy independent -- and even help our environment. All this can be yours. Don’t just believe me -- Check it out yourself.

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