One adventurous, exciting and fun way to find and get gadget gizmos is through an online auction. It is easy to sign up and there are thousands of gadgets and gizmos of every mark and manner available every day.

I’m sure if you surf the net you are aware of the treasures and the bargains that exist. Personally, I have had very good luck (so far) with my ventures into the auction venue. The gadgets that I have found (and sold) have done me well. What I am writing this page on is one of them. Yes, I bought my MAC on eBay. Also, not one, but two digital cameras.

The last one I haven’t seen yet. It is in the mail. But - believe it or not - The price for this digital camera was $6.95. Not 600 or 60 - but 6.95. Can’t wait to see it. It was an impulse purchase. I was looking for gadgets or gizmos and saw this auction that was ending in 2 minutes. I bid the minimum - and before I was through bidding - almost - I had won the bid. Wow.

usually it is best to take more time - but a digital camera for 7 bucks? It will have to be a real dog to lose much on this one. And - if I don’t like it - I can always put it up for auction.

If you have not tried eBay and it’s auctions - here is an easy way to look for and possibly find your own gadget gizmos:

AND - if what you are looking for is not in that list - here is another way to find it or them. Type the gadget gizmos you are looking for in the search box below:


AND - if that doesn’t do it - you can always try my resource page: