Here are a couple of cool new gadgets for those who like to indulge in the grape (juice, that is, on the fermented side). These gadgets solve some of the ongoing problems presented when you are entertaining - or just want to have a glass - or two - yourself.

This first cool new gadget is - literally - cool. It works for wine of course, because that is what we are talking about here. But it also works for other packaged beverages as well. First the problem. Your guest brings a Chardonnay that will be perfect with your dinner - but the bottle is off the wine store rack and needs to be brought to the proper temperature.

Never fear - the One Minute Drink Chiller is here. This somewhat automatic “cool new gadget” will bring the Chardonnay to the low fifties in less than four minutes - 90% faster than your fridge. The chiller stops when the bottle reaches the prime temperature.

This cool new gadget holds one wine bottle (or one 12 oz can) at a time. For a can of “soda” the chiller will cool it to 38 degrees in one minute! The chiller works when you put some ice and water in and turn it on - it then spins the bottle or can for even and thorough cooling.

If you are a purist - and don’t want to “bruise your wine,” there is a no-spin option. The chiller also comes with a 12 volt car adapter so you can take it with you on a picnic or a tailgate party. Almost instant cool with this cool new gadget. For more info click the pix:

The One-Minute Drink Chiller

As a side - in my practice I had two clients who were working on the same idea in the 1980's - instant cooling of a sixpack. They were close - but I guess they couldn’t complete the concept or they ran out of money. They never did complete the patent application. You often wonder where these ideas come from and go.

And now the other ongoing problem for wine drinkers. How to get the bottle open without shredding the cork and having to pull little bits out of your glass (and your mouth) as you try to appreciate the bouquet and judge the taste - or like some - slosh it on down.

A lot of corkscrews don’t have the power to remove a cork properly - especially an older bottle. Did you know that it takes about 100 pounds of pressure to pull a cork?

But this cool new gadget automatic corkscrew removes the cork at the touch of a button, without leaving crumbs behind. It works smoothly on most standard wine bottles, as well as most flanged-neck bottles. The base for the unit is a foil cutter to do the needed trimming, and the unit has an ergonomically contoured grip. See more - click the pix:

Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

Chill your wine and open it like a pro with these two offerings. For more gadgets and gizmos click MORE COOL NEW GADGETS.