Here is one of the latest entries in the spy gadget inventory. You have seen the movies where the creepy FBI or CIA cat wearing thick glasses and with a pocket protector blandly rolls off questions in a monotone to the nervous, sweating guy hooked up to all kinds of wires on his chest and fingers and head - and a long line of paper goes through a machine under a line of pens on springs that write squiggles on the paper? The old lie detector test? Well no more.

Now - there is a new way - and it is available to you. Well - it probably isn’t as reliable as a polygraph - of course. The polygraph isn’t 100% reliable either. But this spy gadget has been shown to be 65% accurate in what it does.

And what is does is read the voice of your “suspect” and tell how tense his or her voice is. You know the term “choke up?” That is what happens when you lie. Your body AND your voice tenses up naturally - and this can be read by this spy gadget.

The first spy gadget in this realm that caught my eye because it’s name is the “deFIBulator.” It has a disclaimer that it is only to be used for amusement purposes - but who pays attention to disclaimers!? Nevertheless - it would be great for a party and a game of truth or dare.

To use the deFIBulator you have to train it by asking the “suspect” three yes/no questions that are hard to lie about and record these to set the baseline for this person’s voice. Then - ask REAL yes/no questions and watch the figure (Demonochio) on the deFIB screen. The greater the tension in the voice the longer Demonochio’s nose and his horns grow.

There are a couple of versions of Portable Lie Detector spy gadget that are available.

Now - for some real party fun - try this spy gadget lie detector:

Shocking Lie Detector

Shocking Lie Detector

What shocking truths are your friends hiding? This Shocking Lie Detector reads a person's tension to analyze the accuracy of their answers to your questions. Five LED lights let you know how truthful their responses are. The more questions they answer, the more accurate the detector's built-in computer becomes. When they tell a direct lie or too many half-truths all of the LEDs light up -- and they receive a shock! No detector is 100% accurate but you'll have fun getting at the truth. Uses 3 "AAA" batteries, not included. 6.5"W x 3"H.

If you have any trouble with the above - you can find these items through my resources page:


Have some fun with this spy gadget. Try it on friends and family - I wouldn’t try it on the present administration - they have been lying to us so long they don’t even know when they are lying. If they told the truth - Demonochio would probably feint - or blow up.

And speaking of the administration - and their practices - torture and all that - here are some tips to beat a lie detector test. Not to be dishonest and I am not telling you to be - but there are some times when such a test is not proper or needed.

  • Alter your breathing patterns during questioning.
  • Think about things that excite or frighten you.
  • Bite your tongue.
  • Elicit a small pain response by inserting a tack or nail in your shoe near your toes and pressing down when asked a control question.