New or old - there will always be kitchen gadgets - and the gadget kitchen. Nowadays - instead of pitters and peelers of yore - we have more high-tech and electronic gadgets that make our lives easier and solve those ongoing problems. Here are some examples of modern gadgets for the gadget kitchen.

One gadget that has been hanging around the kitchen for centuries is the pot rack. And one of the problems with the pot rack was that it blocks light on the work space beneath it. Not this one. It has lots of room for all your pots and pans - and - it has a swing arm light at each end so you can direct the light to where you need it.

This addition to the gadget kitchen comes with twelve pothooks and will hold up to 200 pounds - that is - if your kitchen ceiling can hold 200 pounds. This lighted pot rack gives the ambience of an old kitchen with the modern convenience of light. It comes with an AC plug - or could be direct-wired (with the help of a professional).

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The Swing-Arm Lighted Pot Rack

Now - the kitchen gadget that entertains while the scullery maid (or manservant) works. There have been under cabinet radios before - maybe even CD players - but this one is different. It has a built-in folding iPod dock that charges and plays your iPod® The unit includes a separate input for the iPod Shuffle®, and has an easy-to-read oversized, backlit LCD that displays song information, such as artist and title. The radio receives FM1, FM2, TV and weather-system audio. Four pre-sets are available for each band.

Compact speakers are built-in and so is a clock and a cooking timer. the perfect kitchen gadget to help you dance your chores away.

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The Under-Cabinet iPod® Dock and Radio

The gadget kitchen is looking less and less like the one I grew up with. My mother went more for the pitter or peeler as her kitchen gadget.