People fall into two categories - dynamic DOER’S and docile DREAMERS - and that includes inventors and their invention. The dynamic doer’s are prepared to fight the system and win - or go down trying. The docile dreamers are like a factory farm animal ready to be milked by the boss and the government.

How about you?

  • Are you prepared to settle for a life of third-rate mediocrity? No? Or does the thought make you sick?

  • Do you wallow in the warm human soup of vapid companionship?

  • Do you compete with others to see who can be the more ordinary?

  • Do you crave to be liked by all, even strangers? No?

If you don’t fit the above, maybe you fit with the inventors and their invention. The Dynamic Doer’s.

Wouldn't it be a shame if you died not having achieved something of note? Can you Imagine a life just like billions of others before and after you - sleeping, eating, shopping, mowing the lawn, polishing the car; until one day ... you clutch your hand to your chest and slump forward head-first into the wash bucket. Zap and bam.

I might be unusual - weird even. Growing up, I was attracted to the mindset of the inventors and their inventions. If I took a quick poll of friends and family, it would probably reveal a grand total of .... 2% of people who felt anything similar. When questioned, none of them would have life-plans which were grander than the possibility of a new car or patio by 2006. No ambitions - No drive - No enthusiasm - Nothing. Are your friends the same?

About ten billion humans in total have lived and died on this planet since Lucy (or her ancestors) walked upright and our roots (all of us, some say) began in Africa. Interestingly, that's not much more than double the number of people who are living today.

How many of those ten billion did anything of note during their lives? A tenth of one percent? What about the rest?

Well, incredibly they were willing to squander their irreplaceable, limited, precious life-span in dull, repetitive, mind-numbing boredom. And in many cases, this was a choice - it was not an imposition. This does not include the inventors and their inventions - like controlling fire, the wheel, and of course (unfortunately) the weaponry that has produced so much for the world.

The faceless, nameless millions that were not inventors and their inventions left nothing behind them - apart from a new generation of the same. They are all gone now - their names forgotten. They pushed humanity forward by not one millimeter. Instead, they contented themselves with enjoying the benefits created for them by others. They were born - they consumed - they procreated - they died.

Look around you. Talk to people. Do they have any burning ambitions? Any creative energy? Do they wish to leave their mark? Do they want to push humanity forward in some small way? Do they even vote? Or are you surrounded by a new generation of gray masses who live off the talents and accomplishments of others?

Docile dreamers are people who drive around in a machine invented by someone else - if they were to devote their entire lives to the task, they couldn’t produce one tire for that vehicle, let alone the complete machine - and yet they complain about how often it needs servicing - and accept the fact without complaint that they are flushing the world’s resources down the drain without any thought to the consequences. As long as they are comfortable - no thought is given to the inventors and their inventions that could save the planet and it’s resources with some support and backing.

Docile dreamers are people who use telephones, TV sets, computers, videos and the like without even the vaguest of ideas about how they work, or what sweat, ingenuity and daring by inventors and their invention went into producing these miracles - all they can do is complain about prices and how they should work faster, easier and better.

Docile dreamers are people who wear superb clothes when their own skills do not extend past a little crude hand-knitting, if that. They are people who load groaning carts full of first-class produce at the supermarket and moan about the 'rip-off' prices - when their own farming abilities couldn’t produce more than wilted herbs in a window box.

Docile dreamers are people who use money and banking services, who cannot even balance their own statement and yet cannot recognize the inventors and their invention that takes care of their money electronically and assures that it is safe and secure.

Okay - not everyone has to know how to design a car or invent a new farming method, but are these people producing equivalent new creative goods and services themselves?

Are these people constantly amazed at the astounding array of new goods and services placed at their disposal by others? No they are not! Instead, they complain about the few percent of people who made all this possible for them - the inventors and their inventions who dare to take recompense for their efforts.

Many people demand the 'right' to be allowed to consume the fruits of the inventor's ingenuity, but they also want the inventors to stay impoverished and not receive the fruits of their creative labors.

This is the nature of our society.

We are ruled by third-raters on behalf of the mediocre. True ability is punished for daring to presume to be better than the lowest common denominator. The tools of punishment are lack of funding for inventors and their inventions, blocking from the marketplace by mega-corporations, and sometimes even ridicule of the new idea.

Hail the dynamic doer’s in life. May they prosper and bring all their inventions and ideas to the marketplace and society - without blockage, encumbrance, and with fairness to their creative spirit.

Off the soap box. IF YOU THINK I'M FULL OF IT - let me know.