Here are some additions to new invention technology. Some may be weird to some people - and just fine for others. Not like the alleged patent commissioner of the 1800’s who thought the patent office should close down because everything had then been invented - new invention technology and innovation just keep rollin’ along.

• Like a new form of lie detector test which may soon be added to the standards tests of today. Researchers at the University of Texas have gone to the gut to grab at standards for the detection of fibs. This new invention technology measures changes in gastro-physiology that show up lies better than the standard lie detector tests.

Remember your rolling gut when you tried to lie to your mother? Now - they can read that. The electrical waves that pass between the brain and the gut can betray a lie better than cardiac waves, heart rates or other accepted methods. Kind of proves the statement that “he doesn’t have the stomach to tell a lie.”

• Here’s a new invention technology that is actually a new law use of technology. A Florida nanny was arrested on charges of infant abuse after being caught on a “Nanny-cam” violently shaking a 5-month old baby.

She - the nanny - is now suing the maker of the hidden camera that taped her. Her defense - or at least her lawyer’s defense - is that because the tape plays back in time-lapsed mode - it exaggerates the appearance of her movements with the child.

The criminal charges have been dismissed - and her wrongful arrest and defamation suit keeps going. Inventors. Time for a “Nanny-cam” that has a bigger hard drive and real time pictures. I know you can do it.

• A Washington inventor has come up with this new invention technology - a cordless jump rope! Possibly a candidate for Chindogu (see my page on this) - and perfect for the un-cord-inated - there is no rope to trip on - great for the clumsy - and keeps the manufacturer from having to face a lawsuit like the one above.

The USPTO awarded a patent to the inventor of this new invention technology. The invention consists of two plastic handles with a moving weight inside that simulates the sound and rhythm of a jump rope that is held in the hands of a jumping human. The market? Clumsy people of course - also folks with low ceilings - and ceiling fans - those afraid of tripping on the rope - and to mental hospitals and prisons - where ropes can be used for other things - like a weapon or suicide. (Of course - the handles themselves would be pretty handy weapons)

Talk to the lawyer in the last story. There now may be a royalty due for anyone pretending to jump rope. Comment from one person - “wouldn’t it just be called a “Jump?”

• And last but not least - kids have found a use for science and new invention technology. Science has taught us that children and teens can hear high-frequency tones much better than adults. In fact - some stores have used high-frequency sound technology to drive loitering teens away from their storefronts - leaving adults unaffected.

This science has now been pirated to serve the kids. High frequency tones are now being used to fight cell phone bans in the classroom. Ring tones so high-pitched that teachers can’t hear them are being used to enable kids to chat and text message without the interruption of ol’ teach.

New invention technology and innovation moves on.