I have been reading about a new invention - actually, it isn’t new - just another new look at our world. I have thought for a long time that electromagnetic energy is a form of human life force - just as it is for the universe. Now, a new invention has been produced that uses that energy for healing the human body.

This is explained in a newsletter from Penny Sleuth that I subscribe to that keeps an eye on new ideas, among other things.

Here is that report with some comments along the way [comments in brackets].

The Sleuth...
I Heal the Body Electric
By Jonathan Kolber
March 8, 2006

It's a fascinating fact: Our bodies are as much electromagnetic systems as they are biochemical ones. According to the most cutting-edge modern science, both views are valid.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, an eminent professor of biochemistry and expert in cellular behavior, recently wrote the book The Biology of Belief. I highly recommend it.

It’s easy to read and understand, carefully documented with extensive references to peer-reviewed journal papers and groundbreaking in scope and impact.

In his recent book Science and Human Transformation, world-renowned Stanford professor of materials science Dr. William Tiller articulates the case that much of modern science, including medicine, still operates out of a mechanistic paradigm. That is, the body has been viewed as something similar to a car. An artery's not working? Snip out the damaged part and tie it back together. Or replace it.

[This emulates the place of medicine today when it comes to new invention. Their thought is to attack the symptom with drugs, machines, or just get rid of the problem with surgery]

Tiller points out that the emerging paradigm --supported by vast amounts of experimental data -- is one of a system in which living energy fields interact.

This gets really interesting and practical when you consider that some companies have developed appliances to enhance the body's own healing powers.

[Now we come to the new invention]

One of my friends is Dr. Thomas Valone, Ph.D. in physics and a former U.S. patent examiner. Tom is, among other things, author of “Electrotherapy With Tesla Coil Design: Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics,” a revealing look at the history and promise of using electromagnetic fields to accentuate the body's own healing mechanisms. Tom recently brought to my attention the work of Glen Gordon, M.D.

Dr. Gordon is one of the pioneers in pulsed electromagnetic healing. This technology uses very fast (8-nanosecond) pulses of electromagnetic energy to help the body heal. He claims to be the first physician in the United States to use pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on soft tissues in humans. The technology has been studied by NASA in a four-year, $3.5 million study, with very encouraging results.

Amazingly, according to Dr. Gordon, the United States is the only major industrialized country not currently using PEMFs. (Could this be due to us having the highest costs in the world to get new medical therapies approved?)

[And the lack of interest in new invention because of the pharmaceutical lobby?]

In 1980, his team received the first investigational device exemption issued in the United States to study low-level laser effects in soft-tissue injuries.

It turned out that PEMFs generated inside soft tissue by the laser were responsible for the results they were seeing. This led to the development of a hand-held, battery-operated device that Dr. Gordon now sells for around $200.

The benefits [of this new invention] are manifold:

-- The body's own natural antioxidants are enhanced to neutralize damaging free radicals much more rapidly. This also helps control inflammation, a culprit in many diseases

-- When death is threatened by massive release of improper particles into the body (which happens with many life-threatening illnesses), this technology can help prevent tissue decay for many crucial minutes, and in some cases hours, while other help is on the way

-- 40% increase in growth hormone production

-- Overall, it can in many cases treat inflammation, illness and aging symptoms with no side effects.


Sadly, some parties within the American Medical Association and the Big Pharma lobby have worked to prevent widespread acceptance of PEMF by the mainstream of U.S. medicine.

Dr. Gordon believes PEMF may eventually nearly eliminate the need for the pharmacological industry. There are 2.5 million deaths a year from hospital-administered drugs; 200,000 of those are from gastric bleeding.

I wouldn't go that far, but just consider the possibilities of this technology as an adjunct to traditional medicine. Something has no risks and potentially huge benefits -- why not try it? At a recent conference, Dr. Gordon told of how he had a massive heart attack several years ago, a quintuple bypass. His doctors said he would need a transplant to live.

He put the PEMF device in his pocket next to his heart, and he never had the transplant. Later, he did a 2,500-mile solo bicycle trip to show himself and the world that he was healed. He's gearing up now for another trip.

(Note: Neither I nor anyone associated with The Emerging Capital Report receives any financial benefit from Dr. Gordon or his work.)

I have heard other such anecdotal reports from other sources I deem credible. Of course, anecdotal reports are a far cry from large, carefully controlled peer-reviewed studies. Those are the gold standard in medicine, and rightly so.

The problem is that since there’s nothing to patent here [on this new invention], no one is likely to invest millions of dollars in backing such research. But eventually, it may happen.

Meanwhile, I continue to use my mental scale, which has guided so many decisions to interesting conclusions: If something has little risk and large potential gain, I’ll explore it.

To your profitable future,Jonathan Kolber

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update 4/8/09

[Before you read the updates on my personal use of the EM Probe - I have to tell you that Big Med and Big Pharm have won. I have been told that the manufacturer could no longer afford to pay the legal fees associated with keeping this product on the shelves. They were continuously being harassed by the FDA (not surprising!) despite the overwhelming amount of research and time that went into developing the EM Probe. I'm personally disappointed because, as you can see below, I used the product myself with great success and so have many others! We'll have to see if someone else is going to take over the manufacturing of this product. I will try to let you know if this happens.]

The source to purchase this new invention - the Em-probe - is no longer available from my source. You may be able to find some by Googling. Nevertheless, I havve been able to use the product successfully. Here are updates on my use of the EM Probe.


I did receive my Em-probe and have been using this new invention for about three months now. I am using it on a bunch of problems - mostly related to many whiplash injuries and a "trick finger."

The trick finger is where one of your fingers "locks" if you bend it. Mine is on my mouse hand - probably caused by my many hours of using the mouse daily.

The other big problem is with my neck - from five or so whiplash accidents.

I have to say that so far I am seeing results. the trick finger can now be bent and I can form a fist - something that I haven't been able to do in months. The problem is still there overnight - but I feel there is about 85-95 percent improvement so far.

As far as my neck - for a while I have had my fingers go numb at night depending on what position I sleep in. Since using the Em-probe on my neck - the consistency of the numbing has lessened. Some nights my fingers don't go numb at all.

I will keep you up to date with my corrected maladies as time goes on. So far - I am impressed with my results with this new invention called the Em-probe.


My neck has stabilized. My "trick finger" has improved to around 99%. A tight fist can be made and there are no clicks. The finger may be a little stiff in the morning - but so are a lot of joints at my age.

I seem to be getting arthritis one finger at a time. My left thumb froze up and started clicking. This one was more painful than the other finger. Because of the pain, I used a salve at first - which helped, but not enough. I gave about three days of treatment with this new invention on my thumb while I sat at my computer (long treatments - miserable typing).

After those three days I saw great improvement. Right now I have about 95% improvement - with just a little clicking. The pain is all gone.

UPDATE -- UPDATE -- 4/9/09

Still using the probe with results.

What I can say is the device works for me. As far as using it on other organs and such - I can say I have used it on my heart and other organs, and I'm still here with very few problems.