There is no stopping the development of the cooking gadget. On and on - these inventors make life easy in the kitchen ( and for the barbecue). Here are a few gadgets for those who have almost everything.

First up is the breakfast cooking gadget to end all - well almost. It is a do everything for breakfast tool that does most everything but serve you. It is a widemouth toaster that toasts two slices of bread, an English muffin, a bagel, or a croissant while - get this - simultaneously poaching or steam scrambling an egg. It sets automatically to have the toast and eggs to be ready at the same time. And on top of that this amazing cooking gadget comes with a warming tray to steam heat pre-cooked breakfast meats.

The unit can also hard boil up to four eggs at a time in about eight to ten minutes. Can’t you see this in a Freshman dorm giving sustenance to your baby away from the nest the first time? Or in your own kitchen serving you on those busy days you don’t have time to cook? Lunch is taken care of too with the hard boiled eggs.

Will wonders ever cease? Click the pix for more.

The Egg Poaching Toaster

For the multi-tasker cooker who runs the barbecue and cooks the rest of the meal on the stove in the kitchen - here is the perfect cooking gadget for you. It is a meat thermometer and timer that allows you to monitor a food’s progress from up to 100' away. It uses a wireless transmitter probe which sends temperature updates to a handheld receiver you keep with you.

Audible voice alerts tell you when your food has reached your pre-set level (from rare to well-done). And the transmitter is suitable for both kitchen and outdoor grill use, leaving you free to take on other tasks and not having to constantly wait at the ready for your cooking to finish.

The unit’s database has pre-set temperature settings for six types of poultry and meat, and additional custom settings can be programmed and stored. The backlit display is easy to read, and the transmitter’s weather-resistant case protects it outdoors. The transmitter base has a convenient storage bay to house the receiver when you’re not using it. Click pix.

Chef's Remote Thermometer Monitor

This is a serious cooking gadget for the serious cooker - or should I say chef?

Here’s the cooking gadget to make your boy or girl scout a hit around the campfire. High-tech marshmallows. Yes, your child no longer has to go find the perfect stick - preferably with a fork on the end - that can be put over the coals to toast those marshmallows over the campfire.

Now comes the battery-powered, three-prong, marshmallow rotisserie to toast, prepare for s’mores and other treats. The battery power gently turns the mallows to keep them from scorching.

Personally, I went for it differently. I stuck the mallows in the fire till the sugar caught fire - turned them once or twice - and blew out the fire. They were tasty - charcoal and all.

This cooking gadget looks to be neater and better for you. One more gizmo to buy batteries for. Click pix.

Marshmallow Rotisserie

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