Time for some more wacky inventions - those weird ideas that follow along with a lot of my thinking and sense of humor about the subject of invention. Now, I have had many thoughts of my own that could be categorized the same way (say wacky). But Scott Seegert has done more. He has done some amazing and engaging research which has captured crazy and wacky in a whole book full of inventions that test the “dementians” of the inventive mind.

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Seegert’s book is entitled:

IT’S A GUY THING - Awesome REAL innovations From The Underdeveloped Male Mind

Yes - it has pictures - (actual illustrations from the paperwork filed with the U. S. Patent Office) - but I’m not going to show you any - you can buy the book.

IT’S A GUY THING also has some crisp and irreverent - say funny - writing, encapsulating the “guyness” of each of the wacko inventions. Seegert even defines the term in his Introduction:

“And by “guy” we’re referring not to men in general, but rather the subset of that gender who would actually consider hopping around on a pogo stick outfitted with a combustible-gas-powered engine ....”

“And that brings us to the point of the book -- that guys are a little different from most people ...”

“Each invention in the first fourteen chapters of [the] book is the creation of a guy. that’s right, every device, gadget, contraption, and apparatus comes directly from that tiny portion of a guy’s brain not dedicated to scratching himself.”

Get the idea? I got a snort, giggle, titter, snigger, snicker, tee-hee, chuckle, chortle, and down-right laugh from every page. And wacky inventions? how about:

  • Bob, Don & Jay’s Air Bag Undershorts

  • French & Fancher’s self-Defense Plow

  • Mike’s Hog Grapple

There’s much more. Please - if you love - or even just like wacky inventions - try this book. I don’t normally tout things this heavily - but Seegert , whom I would consider the “Dave Barry of patents,” has captured my funny bone with his irreverent, non-vicious tone about one of my favorite subjects - wacky inventions.