Gals - the way to a man’s heart is no longer through his stomach. Think hot tech gadget. A survey taken by Iogear, Inc., showed that 61% of men would rather receive a tech gadget than flowers or candy on the special day.

As you can see the guys are more practical (and less romantic) when it comes to gifts. A tech gadget will last longer and won’t wilt like flowers - and the modern health trends make candy less than practical.

So - while “candy is dandy - and liquor is quicker” - man’s heart beats for the newest Ipod - a GPS system - Bluetooth - cell phone goodies - and flat screen TV’s. Even books and art - while trailing tech gadgets - are thought more of than the traditional flowers, candy or jewelry of yore.

And guys - here’s a surprise - 23% of females would like to get a tech gadget than the traditional chocolates or flowers. They are okay - and you won’t lose too many points with most women - but you can really make points with nearly a quarter of the female population with a tech gadget.

The key is personalizing the gift. Know what she wants. If your gal is into gadgets - that may be the better pick. Just know what you are doing. You can get lots of ideas for the right gadget by checking with my gadget resources page.


And - if you choose wrong and screw it up - there is The Dating Hall of Shame.

The DHOS was developed as a way for disgruntled daters to share stories and recover from a hellish relationship. Careful guys - this is a “girlie site.” You might just have to be satisfied with the hot tech gadget that was shoved back in your face by one of the other 77%.